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Proverbs 30:15-16: “The leech has two daughters, “Give,” “Give.” There are three things that will not be satisfied, Four that will not say: “Enough.” Sheol, and the barren womb, Earth, that is never satisfied with water and fire that never says: “Enough.”

The basic theme of Proverbs 30 refers to those who sin and yet they say they never sin. Verse 12 “There is a kind who is pure in his own eyes, yet not washed from his filthiness.”

You will note the subtle suggestion that they are like leeches – alukah in verses 15-16 “Give,” “Give”, never satisfied, never enough.  The sheol or grave never has enough bodies, never satisfied with the bodies it already has. The barren woman never satisfied with her desire for children and never enough pity from others. The dry earth is never satisfied with water and never has enough.  And the fire which is satisfied to burn but never has enough fuel to keep burning. 

Is this really a description of a leech?  I think it fits something else in ancient and modern culture. The lack of satisfaction and never having enough is typical of the leech or alukah.  This word is used only once in the Old Testament and our lexicons teach this is referring to a leech or bloodsucker.  Yet, what does a barren woman, a dry earth, a grave, or fire have to do with a leech?  

Checking extra-Biblical literature we find that alukah is used to refer to something else, a mythical person believed to roam the earth during Solomon‘s time.   In the Testament of Solomon and the Sefer Chasidim we find reference to an alukah that was said to be a living human being, similar to a witch.  It could change its shape into a wolf. It could fly like a bat and would eventually die if prevented from feeding on blood for a long enough time.  Once dead the alukah can be prevented from becoming a demon by being buried with its mouth stuffed with moist earth.  Their bodies continue to crave water, yet never having enough to keep the soil moist.  They do not bear children but make creatures of their own by sucking the blood of other humans turning them into an alukah.  Their thirst for more of their kind is never satisfied.  They have a fiery sexual passion that cannot be quenched and always crave for more.

You don’t need to go to Netflix to see these creatures, they may be sitting right next to you in church.  They are the ones who appear pure in their own eyes but are not washed from their own filthiness.  They are constantly crying “Give” “Give.”   “I want music I like, I want sermons that make me feel good, and I want to be on the platform giving announcements, or singing with the worship team.”  Their selfish desires are never quenched.   They have no spiritual children but will prey on those who are believers and suck their blood or spiritual life force by drawing them into their circle with gossip about those who are serving God, who give the announcements or sing with the worship team. They only want more and more followers and continue to infect others with their aulukah blood.  Like the earth craving more water they crave only more attention to themselves. Like the fire that never has enough fuel, they must continually fuel their passion for recognition by destroying the reputations of others.  

These creatures have infiltrated our churches and will innocently say: “Did you hear about poor old Ms. Jensen? Her husband has a new assistant and…”  Careful, this is an alukah sucking your blood, your spiritual life force and you may find yourself enjoying it and even sharing in it. Before long your spiritual life force is totally drained and replaced with that of the alukah. You, yourself can then become an alukah. 

Be on guard, the alukahs are all around us, they walk among us undetected, they appear like normal everyday Christians, but they are not, they are alukahs. They may even be in places of authority and leadership.  They may be on the worship team, or teaching your Sunday school class. They may be sitting right next to you in church this morning, ready to suck your spiritual blood from you. In fact, it may even be you —– or maybe even me!!!!!!!!! ——–Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!


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